Dana's Pampered Poodles
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gorgeous red standard poodles 

Hi, I'm Dana., and I want to welcome you to my red standard poodle website . I hope I can help you find what you're looking for in a Standard poodle.. I have  raised standards for more than 30 years and Have groomed them even longer. My goal is to raise healthy, happy dogs ,to  work, or to be a cherished member of your family . I strive to breed for the deep red that will turn anyone's head, but we all know, that they all don't turn out that way so I raise deep red , red,  and black  and even some apricot now and again.I guarantee my puppy's against  testable genetic defects and pride myself with them having very friendly personalities, I will no longer ship but you're more than welcome to fly in and pick your puppy up due to recent  law changes ,the law will go in effect in November 2013 . However I now offer free delivery in Texas and New Mexico for San Antonio, Houston And the Dallas area. Albuquerque, Santa Rosa , Farmington and Clovis are some of the areas that I will go  . this is not a door to door but I can get close to you .I can also meet in any direction so don't be afraid to discuss your area and the fee with me  If I can answer any questions or if you would  just like to talk poodles. please call or e-mail, I will  answer  right away. 

       My puppies sale with limited akc registration to pet homes   This means no breeding right.     

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